The České Budějovice-Hluboká tourist area covers an area of 385 kmbetween České Budějovice, Hluboká nad Vltavou and Lišov. The area is bisected by the Vltava River. It comprises historic urban formations, modern infrastructures, flatland cycling trails, age-old fishpond cascades, forest game preserves and rocky gorges.

This is but a brief enumeration of the diverse landscape forms with cultural and natural beauty. The area is vibrant with rich culture and sports life.

The destination company coordinates tourist service providers in the area with the support of the South Bohemian Region, the City of České Budějovice and the Town of Hluboká nad Vltavou. The objective is more efficient tourism management in the area.

The most important tourist destinations in the area are the city center of České Budějovice, Hluboká Chateau, the South Bohemian Zoological Garden in Hluboká nad Vltavou, and the Budějovický Budvar Visitor Center. The whole area is served by a network of cycling trails that can take visitors to quiet parts of the region to get to know local attractions. The diverse offer of sporting activities and adrenaline experiences is complemented by the navigable Vltava River.

The tourist area includes the following partnership cities and municipalities: Adamov, Borek, České Budějovice, Dubičné, Hlincová Hora, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Hosín, Hrdějovice, Hůry, Hvozdec, Chotýčany, Jivno, Libín, Libníč, Lišov, Rudolfov, Ševětín, Štěpánovice, Úsilné, Vitín, Vráto, and Zvíkov.