Česká Kanada

Bohemian Canada is the area extending approximately between the towns of Kunžak, Dačice, Slavonice, Nová Bystřice and the city of Jindřichův Hradec, covering almost 300 km2. The toponym of the area is derived from the natural character of the country, characterized by abundant water bodies, vast forest complexes with scattered boulders and the somewhat raw climate, lower average temperatures and abundant precipitation.

The landscape character is perfect for hiking and cycling trips, visiting heritage sites, as well as quiet rambles through the open country. The area’s numerous ponds are frequently used for swimming, fishing and water sports. Due to its somewhat rawer climate and altitude, Bohemian Canada has very good snow conditions. The area offers many cross-country tracks and there are also two chairlifts here.

The appearance of the towns in the area was most influenced by the Renaissance epoch, chiefly in the heritage reserves of Jindřichův Hradec and Slavonice, which are generally among the gems of Czech architecture. The Červená Lhota Chateau near Pluhův Žďár is also a charming example of a smaller Renaissance residence.

The Renaissance also gave the present-day appearance to the originally Gothic Jindřichův Hradec Castle. The Baroque dressed some of the townhouses in richer ornate coats, but also created new dominant landscape features in the form of churches, monasteries and chateaux. The most important structures from this epoch are the churches in Klášter, the chateaux in Jemčina, Pluhův Žďár, and an array of statues, columns and wayside shrines.  Nineteenth-century art completed the list of heritage sites with the chateau at Český Rudolec and the Landfras Villa in Jindřichův Hradec.

The Jindřichův Hradec and Slavonice areas have numerous well-preserved vernacular buildings, chiefly masonry farmsteads with decorative gates influenced by the Baroque. They include places such as Jindřiš and Staré Město pod Landštejnem. The eastern part of the area in particular used to have a relatively sizeable Jewish population.