A country of two faces, a country of good waters, a country with a soul, or a country of forgotten stories. These and other characteristics are quoted by visitors to the area located southwest of České Budějovice towards the Austrian border between Český Krumlov in the west and Třeboň in the east.  The appearance of the area is largely defined by the Novohradské Mountains and the Malše River with its tributary, the Stropnice. The Novohradské Mountain area is very sparsely populated, making it popular with tourists who prefer active movement (walkers, cyclists, horseback riders) on the one hand, yet do not wish to meet masses of people on their journeys. Visitors often associate the stay with relaxation, tranquillity and security.

But that does not mean the area is just mountains, deep forest and wild water.  The whole area is rich in major cultural sights and nature attractions. They are concentrated in Nové Hrady with places such as Theresa’s Valley, the castle, chateau and Buquoy family tomb; Borovany with its chateau and Jan Žižka’s birthplace memorial; Bujanov with its Museum of the First Horse-Drawn Railway; Velešín, Římov, Doudleby, Žumberk and around Trhové Sviny. However, the outstanding activity of the Castles on the Malše Association is also worth exploring; their efforts have been renovating and reviving ruins of smaller castles located along the Malše River.

Novohradsko – Doudlebsko will probably be a disappointment for anyone who expects modern entertainment parks with technical attractions, while pleasing those who like to discover forgotten traces of our ancestors in the countryside or who appreciate not having to make way for crowds of tourists on their rambles.

Our creed is soft, or considerate, tourism, which to us means respect for the following principles:   

  • Be considerate to the landscape and municipalities. Ready-made tourist routes and destinations make it possible to obtains experiences and information, but divert attention away from protected sites.
  • Be considerate to people who live here.  Nothing must take place without the local people knowing, being invited to discussion and searching for compromises. As a result, the tourist is not the enemy but a welcome guest.   
  • Be considerate to visitors. Each guest is a commitment for us and we feel responsible for him. The offer of tourist destinations and services is always directed by the effort to avoid various inconveniences and threats. The safety of visitors to the Novohradsko – Doudelbsko tourist area is one of our basic priorities.