Come explore Písecko with us!
One of the most picturesque corners of the South Bohemian Region, a tourist area made for discovery trips, entertainment and rambles through intact wild country. It is situated halfway between Prague and Český Krumlov. It is the idea opportunity for a stopover on the way.
Everyone will find something they like. Major historic sights as well as the small-scale sacred architecture of chapels, crosses and wayside shrines. Large centers and tiny villages. Technical monuments and pure wildlife. A rich offering of cultural and social events and quiet backwaters, where you can hide from the hustle of the modern world for a while.
The very landscape of Písecko is like a mosaic where everyone picks what interests them the most. From flatlands and wetlands with fishponds, to forested hills, to wild streams and river canyons, which eventually converge to contribute to mighty Lake Orlík.
On foot, by bicycle, car, train or boat. Be inspired.