Welcome at the heart of South Bohemia, in the PodKletí tourist area. Here, you will find all that South Bohemia and South Bohemian countryside have to offer in its purest form. Not only the typical landscape that speaks history at every turn, with many fishponds, flowering meadows, quiet forests, painted villages and countless unique heritage sights, but above all, authentic South Bohemian countryside. PodKletí is an oasis of rest and pease, where every visitor will find something they like and where they will gladly return.

The PodKletí tourist area, covering 859 m2 and integrating 62 partner villages and towns, extends west and southwest of the South Bohemian capital České Budějovice. It includes the flatlands and fishponds of Zbudov Moors, the fruit-growing area of Chelčice - Lhenice, historic Netolice area with the Kratochvíle Renaissance chateau, to the hills of Blanský les around Mt. Kleť, Křemže, Chvalšiny and Kájov areas.  To the south, the Vltava river connects Boršov nad Vltavou, Dívčí Kámen castle and Zlatá Koruna to the Šumava Foothills around Boletice, Ktiš and Křišťanov.

The dominant feature of the area is Mt. Kleť, visible from every direction, which gave the destination its name. The axis of the whole area is the original medieval trading route known as the Linz Trail. Numerous valuable landscape sites are located along the trail, such as Blanský les Protected Landscape Area, Libějovicko - Lomecko Landscape Heritage Zone, and the cultivated landscape around Netolice. There is a unique concentration of major cultural and historic heritage sites. From prehistoric forts, medieval castles, Baroque pilgrimage sites and many larger and smaller areas of Rustic Baroque architecture, to national cultural monuments of European importance.

The whole area is criss-crossed by a dense network of hiking and cycling trails as well as horseback trails, including many nature trails. The area is ideal for families with children, seniors as well as athletes, canoeists, fishermen and skiers.

Experience the authentic South Bohemian countryside in PodKletí.