The Prácheň tourist area extends in the northern part of the South Bohemian Region, by the borders with the Plzeň Region, and includes the microregions of Strakonice, Vodňany, Protivín, Volyně and Horažďovice. The whole tourist area almost matches the original historic land of Prácheň, which originally was one of the regions of the Kingdom of Bohemia. It was named for the then Prácheň Castle near Horažďobice. Todays, only remnants of the castle can be explored. The ruin of Rabí Castle or beautiful Velhartice toward the town of Sušice are much better preserved.

The Prácheň region almost perfectly geographically matches the basin of the gold-bearing Otava River, which refreshes and attracts canoeists in summer. The town of Strakonice lies at the confluence of the Otava and the Volyňka. Once every two years, the town resounds with bagpipe music during the International Bagpipe Festival on the last weekend of August.

The Prácheň and Šumava Foothills are an area of rich history, with many smaller heritage sites, mysterious castles and impressive chateaux. A lively region of many faces: picturesque villages with maintained vernacular customs and traditions, as well as lone forest lodges amidst rustling woods filled with blueberries and mushrooms, and high-quality handicraft products and services awarded with the certificate “Prácheň Regional Product”. These include, for example, glass from Mr. Vlasák’s family glassworks in Bělčice and Sedlice bobbin lace. The countryside, a mosaic of fishponds, forests and fragrant meadows, offers room for many sporting activities and peacefully spent holidays. You can gallop around Prácheň on horseback, boat on the Otava, cycle down a marked cycling trail, hike in the shade of centuries-old oak trees along the pilgrimage routes climbing the Holy Mountain. Refresh yourself with beer from regional breweries, taste the fish specialities, or visit one of the plentiful cultural events. 

Rambling around the country, you will discover numerous technical and historic heritage sites. Among the large number of tourist destinations, the following are recommended to visitory: Fairytale Blatná water chateau, Lnáře chateau decorated with frescoes, Kadov rocking stone, Strakonice Castle, hand-carved and painted Mach beehouse in Krušlov, Ranch Hoslovice, Hoslovice water mill, Čestice Calvary, historic sights in Volyně, the fortification system and the fishery museum in Vodňany, Baroque pharmacy in Klatovy, pilgrimage church of St. John the Baptist in Radomyšl and St. Anne in Kraselov, Chanovice chateau open-air museum and lookout tower, Helfenburk castle, and many more. Such as spring wells, healing springs and places with a genius loci.

We invite you to a region that is attractive for everyone. Each of you will be satisfied.

Get to know the Prácheň and Šumava Foothills region with all your senses, and let it carry you away.