What is Šumavsko?

The Šumavsko tourist area covers parts of Prachatice, Vimperk and Volary districts and the South Bohemian part of the Šumava mountains. In late 2014, MAS Šumavsko, z.s., initiated the established of a destination management office PRO Šumavsko, z. s., in charge of the Šumavsko area. The main objective of the association has been an effort to activate tourism in the South Bohemian part of the Šumava mountains and the connection between the two areas. Šumavsko is a new name, intended to connect South Bohemian Šumava and its Foothills. It covers an area of 1100 km2 with more than 50 municipalities of the Šumava borderland.

How was the non-traditional name formed?

The non-traditional name was formed based on the fact that Šumavsko consists of two areas, namely the South Bohemian Šumava mountains and the South Bohemian Šumava Foothills. Each of the areas is very specific, diametrically different in their offer, and yet complement each other, making the area as a whole really worthwhile from a tourism perspective. At first sight, or first hearing, the name itself may sound confusing or even slightly annoying. However, the intention was to come up with a name that is unknown and easy to remember because of its novelty.

What will you find here?

Each of the two parts of the Šumavsko area is specific for something else. The South Bohemian Šumava mountains comprise an area filled with natural beauty of the Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area, which offer activities for hikers, active movers and lovers of intact wild country. The South Bohemian Šumava foothills comprise largely traditional rural areas with an agricultural tradition, production and offer of local products. Moreover, it is an area of interesting rural architecture, technical and historic sites, and a rich supply of traditional vernacular festivities and customs.

Šumavsko... an engaging corner of South Bohemia.