Cycling around Borovany - Borovany children’s “stamping” cir

A cycling trip suitable for families with younger children to learn about the Borovany district

26 km - easy difficulty, suitable for young children, the route follows asphalt tracks and peaceful roads, via the villages and tourist attractions near Borovany. Suitable for every type of bicycle.

In Borovany, you can read local legends on two information panels; one is situated in the chateau complex below the courtyard, the other one at the kindergarten corner. After that, cycling trail 1123 takes you out of Borovany, down the road to Ostrolovský Újezd. Past the railway crossing below Borovany, by the information panel with more legends, you can make a 2 km detour down a narrow asphalt road to the Borovanský mlýn fairytale guesthouse. Past the cemetery, take a right turn in the forest to cycle trail no. 1122, which will take you down a road with a left turn into a meadow past the forest to the Jan Žižka Memorial (stamp with a legend). The designated circuit of the nature trail around the archaeological excavations of Jan Žižka’s birthplace can also be cycled. Follow a road without a cycle trail marking to Radostice (take the same way back to the turn off the road). Past the former schoolhouse on the village square, take a sharp right turn and take the asphalt shortcut to the road to Borovany, where you join cycle trail no. 1121. Follow it to the main road, cross it and continue down the narrow connecting asphalt road to the small cross by the Borovany road to Ledenice via Růžov.

By the small cross, the cycle trail number changes to 1050; follow it past the quarry and the landfill to the crossroads in Růžov, where you turn off the cycle trail to the right toward Vrcov. In a bend before Vrcov, there is another information panel with a description of the crucifixion columns and crosses in the area. (blueberry stamp in the pub in Vrcov village square). Cross the main road and follow a narrow asphalt road via a field and forest to Hluboká u Borovan. (another stamp in the local inn). Past the inn, at the crossroads for Jílovice, turn left, past the agricultural business up a gentle hill, to a cross by the gamekeeper’s lodge, where you take a right turn to enter the forest. In the forest, join the road for Jílovice on the left. On the hill inside the forest, take a right turn at the crossroads and follow the low-traffic asphalt road to the Jílovice train station. Here, you can get another stamp at the vintage car museum.  Follow to the right, down the road and across the Stropnice River (the protected nature site is called Brouskův mlýn; there is an information panel about the reserve on the left past the bridge). At the next crossroads, turn off the main road to the right, cycle through Třebeč (stamp) and at the crossroads in Dvorec turn left on the main road toward Trhové Sviny. Past the village, visit the private exotic animal park by the road, where you can collect another stamp. Return to Borovany down the main road via Dvorec. There is another information panel with legends from the area before the bridge across the Stropnice, on the left by the forest trail.


Along the journey, you can collect stamps based on the legends at the refreshment stops in the village pubs and read selected local legends on the information panels shown on the map. More stamps with Carp Jakub Blueberry can be obtained at the fairytale locations (information center, exotic animal park, Borovanský mlýn guesthouse). 

Places with stamp opportunities:

Borovanský mlýn, Jan Žižka Memorial, Radostice, Vrcov, Hluboká, Třebeč, Dvorec Exotic Animal Park