Top views in Šumavsko

Take a look at some of the most beautiful views.


View from the highest mountain of the Bohemian foothills

Libín Lookout Tower offers a beautiful view from the highest mountain of the Šumava foothills. From the top of the tower you will see Prachatice, Helfenburg, Písek, Mehelník, Temelín, Hluboká, Boubín,
Javorník and for good visibility and Alps.

Open all year round.

Access: from Sedlýcko parking lot - walking along the blue tourist sign, asphalt road (suitable also for strollers) Libínské Sedlo po modré - Libín lookout tower (2 km, access
also suitable for cyclists) or on the red Prachatice - Spa sv. Markéty - Nad Lázněmi - Na Hřebenech - Libín lookout tower (4,8 km).
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In the vicinity of the lookout tower you can also visit the rope park -

View in the middle of the forest

Boubín Wooden Lookout Tower is located directly in the middle of the Boubín Forest. There are 109 stairs leading to the observation platform, and the open tower provides a beautiful view: in the west and north you will see Šumava, Central Bohemian Hill and the town of Vimperk. In the east, Kleť peaks with a lookout tower and an observatory, you see Plechý in the south and you can also see the Alps in good visibility.

Open all year round.

Access: From Kubova Hutě - elevation 370 m - Kubova Hut (basin, dist.) - Basum meadow - Boubínská northern road (rozc.) - Boubín (lookout tower) 4,5 km. Scooters and discogolf in the Kubova Hut.
Klostermann lookout tower

The stone lookout tower at Javorník (1066 m), named after Šumava's writer Karl Klostermann, measures 39.6 m and leads to 197 steps. However, the exit to the summit is worth - a circular view allows you to see the whole area of ​​the Sumava Mountains - Pancíř, Poledník, Svatobor, Libín, Boubín, Knížecí Stolec, while the Alps can be seen in the southwest. Looking out into the interior, you will see Písek, Rabí, Temelín and Brdy.

Open in season (from April to September), off season only on weekends and holidays, in unfavorable weather the observation tower is closed.

Accessibility: After a blue marked tourist route (also Javorník nature trail) from Javorník, the route is about 1 km long, suitable for cyclists - it is necessary to choose the access route along the asphalt road, starting point also from the settlement Javorník, an elevation about 120 m.
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Šumava from the ski slope in Zadov

The unique observation tower of Zadov was given a new coat and is again accessible to tourists. After many years when this unique monument was in a state of emergency and threatened to dismantle it, the Czech Union of Sports managed to obtain funds for its reconstruction. The sightseeing tower is unique because it is an existing jumping bridge from 1978. A new attraction on the lookout tower is the climbing wall on the southwest side of the tower. In summer, the Zadov-Kobyla cableway is in the direction of the lookout tower, fast food is available and children's playground is available for the smallest visitors.

Open daily in season (from July to September), off season only on weekends and holidays.

Access: From Churáňov you can reach the lookout tower along the blue marked tourist trail or on the cycling route No. 1203, leading to the bridge (about 1km south of Chráňov). Possible to use the funicular. At the top of the tower you can have a refreshment at the café.
tel. +420 388 428 119
The Šumava is on the palm of your hand

A beautiful view of the Bohemian and German part of the Bohemian Forest will provide you with the Poledník lookout tower near Prašil in good weather. Go out in the tourist season to experience one of the most beautiful views
Šumava and see the hills like Ostrý, Pancíř, but also Plechý, Trojmezná or Javorník. There are 227 stairs at the tower and measuring 37 meters. In total, you can stop on three observation platforms,
where is a gallery of photographs of the Šumava countryside. The view from one of the highest towers in the Czech Republic to the peaks of practically the entire Šumava is a real experience.
Opening hours:

May Mo Tu We Thu 10-16 h, Sat-Sun 10-16 h
July - August Mon-Sun 10-17 h, September Mo-Su 10-16 h
October Mo-Fr closed, Sat-Ne10-16 h