Podkletím by bike - "The nature and monuments Blanský Forest

Tip for a trip for the whole family

Podkletím by bike - "The nature and monuments Blanský Forest" is a tip-day cycling trip for the whole family, which aims to introduce the public of the Blanský forest and monuments Podkletí as a unique natural landscape conservation with its interesting history and many monuments . These include, among others, the rarest in the region, such as monastery Zlata Koruna, Girls stone castle or Celtic settlement Třísov. The route runs largely through deep forests, mainly along the foot of the slopes and mountains Kleť to the valley of the river. Passes through a number of protected natural monuments and reserves. You can launch it in some of the villages along the route, where there are parking facilities and refreshments, as in Krems, Holubov, Brloh, Krasetín or Golden Crown. The entire trip is possible to diversify the output of the mountain Kleť, whether on foot, bike, or lift from Krásetín,

The ceremonial start of the first year's event takes place on Saturday 22 July at 10.00 from kindergarten from Křemže, which will now take place Křemže weekend !!!

Mount Kleť (1083.2 meters above sea level) is the highest mountain Blanský forest. One of the leading tourist destinations not only in Podkletí but all over Southern Bohemia. Visible is the largely southern Bohemia, as this ridge with a typical silhouette of the known towers and television transmitter. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists. And gave his name to our tourist area Podkletí. According to psychics is reportedly a potent source of energy landscape and prehistoric important spiritual center. You can experience the most beautiful view in South Bohemia, and if you are lucky, you will see distant peaks of the Alps. You can visit the oldest lookout tower in the Czech Republic, world famous Observatory, refreshments homely food in Theresa's cottage, walk the nature trail ride is already remembering lift from Krásetín or take adrenaline ride from Kleť scooter, and much more. Chairlift is 1792 m long, 383 m altitude. The road to the summit of Kleť takes about 15 minutes. On the seat can accommodate skis and bikes and ride down on their back or on top of the borrowed scooter.

               Stopping on the trail circuit

  1. Křemže township - center field. On the site of the original castle is the town hall and restaurant. The neo-Gothic church. Archangel Michael, originally from the 13th century.  
  2. Chlum - settlement on the site of the farmyard No. 1. Stood since the 13th century fortress , today pension, horse riding, agrotourism.
  3. Rojšín - Rural monument zone with a variety of rustic baroque buildings on the village chapel. Cross from the 19th century.  
  4. Brloh - the largest monument is the church. Simon and Jude founded around 1340. There remains unfinished convent and castle Kuklov.
  5. Jánské Valley  - a picturesque village with numerous scattered hamlets. Nearby Little Rock Nature Reserve and Bird wall rock formations.
  6. Corners - scattered settlement on the slopes Jaw Kleť - at an altitude of 752 m. Instead of far vision and a ski slope.
  7. Top Meal - crossroad, hájovna, recreational facilities, a ski lift, natural monument Upper luka .
  8. Krásetín - in the prospect of the base terminal at Kleť. Parking and refreshments.
  9.  Gold Crown - National Historic Landmark cisterciátský monastery dating from 1263, is one of the most valuable complex of Gothic architecture in Central Europe.
  10. Plešovice e - farmhouse vernacular architecture Nos. 4, 9 and 27, the Chapel of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary.
  11. Třísov - Celtic Settlement, a National Historic Landmark, strategic Celtic fortified settlement from 2 to 1 century BC. an area of 26 ha.
  12. Girls Stone  - Rosenberg romantic ruins of the castle on the rock above the confluence of the creek and the river Křemežský. Open year round.
  13. Křemžský creek valley , nature trail , nature reserve Holubovské hadce former Třísovský hamr restaurant.
  14. Holubov village - several restaurants, an information center, swimming pool, railway station. Tour starting point for Kleť and Girls Stone.

The route

Circuit: Křemže - Brloh - Krásetín - Gold Crown - Třísov - Dívčí Kámen - Holubov - back Křemže

The length of 54 km, moderately difficult

The prevailing surface, paved surface, asphalt

Local communications, forest and III. class, only after  the existing marked paths

Description of the route elevation profile -  hilly terrain

Duration without visiting cultural sites (castle Girls Rock, monastery Zlata Koruna) - 5  hours.

The entire stretch from the corner to the Golden Crown, about 17 km, leading a large forested massif of Kleť

Refreshments on the route - Křemže, Chlum, Brloh, Krásetín, Golden Crown, Třísov Třísovský hamr, Holubov.

A leaflet with a map download here . 

Route circuit interactive map here .