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15 undiscovered places in Budejovice

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We have prepared a choice of 15 places for you to visit. It may be places that are totally neglected, specific at a certain time or newly opened or reconstructed. That's why we recommend visiting them so that you can do a picture of their atmosphere yourself.

For a better idea, we have also prepared a video for you.

The trip is also possible to walk on foot when the length of the trail approaches 100 km. Refer to the link for the recommended route.

During the trip you would visit:

1) The view of Baba - it is a former fortified settlement located above Vltava between Hluboka nad Vltavou and Purkarc. It offers beautiful views of the river and the countryside. We recommend at sunrise.

2) The Jewish Meadow - a beautiful nature where the stream flows through the rock formations and flows into the Lužnice River. In terms of weather, the viability of this trail differs, which can be a separate trip. The trail itself along the Jewish Circle is marked with a yellow tourist sign, we will lead you to the most beautiful place where the mouth of the river Lužnice is being scraped. A brochure, which will take you from Týn nad Vltavou to Bechyně, was published in cooperation with the South Bohemian Tourist Office as part of a pedestrian edition.

3) The Vltava River - the Vltava River is a connecting element of the destination from České Budějovice to Koloděje nad Lužnící, which are close to the confluence of Lužnice and Vtlavy.

4) Mitrowicz Chateau - a Baroque chateau that has recently undergone reconstruction and once again allowed visitors to access to large floods.

5) Underground corridors Týn nad Vltavou - in the city center there is a part of the corridors accessible by a local guide.

6) Fishing on the Vltava river - the Vltava river offers to fish not only on the river itself, but also in the section of the dam of Hněvkovice.

7) The Church of Virgin Maria Bolesna on Good Water near České Budějovice - a dominant not far from České Budějovice, which is a Baroque unique of at least South Bohemia.

8) Cruises along Budějovice - beautiful and popular novelties are commented cruises along the rivers Malše and Vltava.

9) Hluboká - Hluboká and its surroundings are also known thanks to hunting history. Hunting enthusiasts can also get hunted.

10) The water tower in České Budějovice - a technical monument, which originally served to distribute water to the county town. Today you will find a peaceful park and a multimedia water history exhibition.

11) Lída Polesné Complex, České Vrbné - boating area on artificial canal, where you can try the art between rack, kayak or SUP gates.

12) Špuntárium in the Hluboká Sports and Relaxation Center - a new center for young children grew next to the cycle path in the Hluboká area

13) Mineral Water Strong - due to the historical mining in the nearby mines, water of specific composition was discovered and a fountain was built in the village where you can collect mineral water.

14) Temelín Information Center - near the cooling towers of Temelín NP there is the chateau Vysoky Hrádek, which houses the exposition on nuclear power station and power engineering. In the neighborhood of the castle is a park with a butterfly meadow and a park with a bird path.

15) The Zoo Hluboká - our favorite zoo was given thanks to new expositions, children's accompanying programs and year-round operation. Look forward to a unique exposition of ants or a christmas-lit zoo.