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The most beautiful view - or 1083 meters on top of things

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Kleť, the queen of South Bohemian mountains and hills, the highest mountain of Blanský Les (1083.2 meters above sea level). It is visible from a considerable part of South Bohemia like this comb with a typical silhouette of the famous towers and television transmitter. You can experience the most beautiful view in southern Bohemia, and if you are lucky, you will see distant peaks of the Alps.

Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists. And gave his name to our tourist area Podkletí. According to psychics allegedly powerful source of energy landscape and prehistoric important spiritual center.

What you see here? In addition to the pure nature, distant views, and sports experience at output Kleť offers: observation tower 19 m high, with a permanent exhibition on Kleť exposure and views of the peaks of the Austrian Alps. Ride a chairlift. A tour of the world-famous observatory. Kleť nature reserve an area of 65 ha. Nature trail around Kleť, about 5 km long with 8 interceptions. Tens of kilometers of hiking, cross-country skiing, cycling and hipostezek. Restaurant, catering and accommodation in Theresa's cottage. A series of mysterious places like menhirs, at the crossroads "Blue God-given" ladder or rock. At the conclusion of adrenaline downhill mountain scooter.

Do you know that?

• The oldest preserved Kleť name is mentioned in a document written in Latin has a r. 1263?

• Lookout tower called Josefská from 1825 is the oldest lookout tower in the Czech Republic?

• Cableway length is 1792 m elevation of 383 m?

• The Kleť Observatory has so far discovered the asteroid in 1019, representing a leading position in the global statistics and is the highest observatory in the Czech Republic?

• Mast television transmitter measures 180 m?

All this close to other tourist destinations and attractions - Czech Krumlov, Czech Budejovice, monastery Zlata Koruna, Girls stone castle, Celtic opidum Třísov Holašovice UNESCO monument, Lipensko etc.

How best to the mountain? From the car park at the cable car in Krásetín either walk for about an hour at 2 km with an elevation of 410 m. Or chairlift, 1792 m long, for 15 minutes. On the seat can accommodate skis and bicycles, and then they go down backwards, or to experience the adrenaline ride on borrowed scooters. For school trips are discounted fares. The Kleť more here.