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Beer path of Toulava

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Seven breweries, Muesum of beer and beer spa you will visit on your path through Toulava.

Our trip begins in the town of Bechyně. After you visit historical center, take one beer in first small brewwery Keras. From Bechyně you can go by car (when you have a driver, who does not drink), or take a bycicle and make a 90 km long path on yur own. Ine every brewery there is a possibility to buy beer home. In the town of Tábor you can make experience in beer spa and beer museum.

Where to go?

Keras, Bechně
Písecká 376, Bechyně,, T: 720 522 622

Transformátor, Hlavatce
Hlavatce 9, T: 602 155 084

Rodinný pivovar Obora
Obora 4, Malšice,, T: 608 271 605

Beer Museum, Tábor
Žižkovo náměstí 5,
T: 604 670 476

Beer Spa Tábor
Hradební 3037
T: 381 207 211

Mayzus, Chotoviny
You cant eneter brewerie, but you can take a beer Mayzus in Hotel Gold nearby.

Vítek z Prčice, Sedlec-Prčice
Komenského 21, Sedlec-Prčice,, T: 732 255 409

Pivovar Vysoký Chlumec
Vysoký Chlumec 29,, T: 318 865 574

Krčín, Sedlčany
Na Červeném Hrádku 793, Sedlčany,, T: 702 168 116