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Vávrovka Rope Park

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Vávrovka rope park can be found next to the same outdoor base in the middle of forests between Kardašova Řečice and Veselí nad Lužnicí. Visitors are waiting for rope obstacles hanging directly on the trees at an altitude of 10-15 meters.

Park visitors can look forward to 21 obstacles of varying degrees and difficulty:

18 obstacles for individuals

2 team obstacles for 2 climbers

"Bear Jump" - for anyone who is not afraid to jump on a bar of 12 meters!

In the park, a fuse protection system is used, in which a climbing cluster and two circuit breakers on the ground alternate within the three-member group.

The program consists of entrance training and training for about 25-50 minutes (depending on the size and skill of the group) and the overcoming of obstacles, when the groups choose obstacles according to the chosen difficulty. The average length of stay in the rope park is around 3 hours.

The mutual protection factor of the participants brings together the development of mutual trust in the group, responsibility towards others and sense of belonging (common experience). From the point of view of experience pedagogy, rope park is an ideal place to build and strengthen mutual trust and cooperation within class teams, corporate teams,

Opening hours in 2018:

Opening of the season 21st April - FREE ENTRY.

End of season December 1 - FREE ENTRY.

We have open weekends, mostly on Saturday from 2 pm. It is always necessary to order at least ONE DAY BEFORE! For all groups, any term can be agreed upon; beyond the above months. The minimum size of the group is 6 paying participants.