Plechý and Plešné lake

This trip is going to Plechý, the highest mountain in the bohemian part of the Bohemian Forest and Šumava

Plechý, the highest mountain in the bohemian part of Šumava (1,378 m) is situated about 14 km west of Horní Planá and about 8 km southwest of Nová Pec on the state border with Austria. The mountain attracts visitors with a number of attractions.

The most attractive is the glacial Plešné Lake, which has not been open to the public for many years. On the slope above the lake stands a 14.5-meter tall memorial to the writer and poet Adalbert Stifter, who built the Šumava stones at a place where he was looking into the region, in a difficult-to-reach cliff above the lake. On the southern slope of Plechý, the rocky wall of the Plešne lake karales rises up to 211 meters. It is an important geomorphological structure, which is one of the most valuable parts of the local nature reserve. In the vicinity of the "Pleura Lake" (Karl Threshold), a vast stone sea is formed by the massive, frosty weathering of the burnt boulders of the coarse granite of Plechý (Plöckenstein in german). After the northern slope of Plechý, the Schwarzenberg canal route is accessible, which is accessible from the village of Jelení, where the canal passes through an underground tunnel with two interesting portals. Access to the top of Plechý is possible along the red marked ridge route from the Nové Údolí settlement (4 km south of Stožec) through Tristoličník, Trojmezná and Trojmezí (15 km - about 5 hours). It is possible to continue from Plechý after the yellow descent to Plešné lake. From here it is possible to continue on green to the Jelení settlement or green with a blue connection to Nová Pec.