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Ship over the confluence to the castle of Mitrowicz

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Would you like to take an unusual experience from a visit to South Bohemia? Take a tour of the romantic Mitrowicz Chateau and explore its visit with a cruise along the Vltava river and Lužnice. From the deck of the boat, you will be able to enjoy unique views of the surrounding countryside in peace and quiet.

This time we arrive from the dock in Tyn nad Vltavou, which is located on the river Vltava, almost in the city center, near Pod Kostelem parking (free parking). Use the cruise ship "Regent", which sails several times a day towards Mitrowicz Castle. On board you can take a baby stroller and even a bicycle if you want to explore the beauty of the surroundings. First you reach the confluence of the Vltava River with the Lužnice and then along the Lužnice to the Mitrowicz Chateau in Koloděje nad Lužnicí. The trip to the castle takes approximately 40 minutes, during which you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery and enjoy nature in all its beauty. After a pleasant day at the castle, the boat will take you back to Týn nad Vltavou. However, you can use the cruise as one way and back to Týn to return to the pedestrian and biking trails through the observation tower at Semenec.

Current timetable here.

And why do we invite you to visit Mitrowicz Castle?

This unique baroque mansion dates back to 1565 and in recent years has undergone a sensitive and very successful reconstruction. Look forward to the beautiful castle interiors, the chateau garden and the historically tuned program! Theaters, fairytales, jugglers, historical music concerts, fencing shows, children's games, handicraft workshops, a period fair with examples of traditional crafts and, last but not least, evening shows and a fire show. The chateau will make you a historic figure, none other than the wife of František Vratislav of Mitrowicz, Anna Marie, née Kinská, and will bring you back to 1774 when the chateau was rebuilt from the original Renaissance fortress to today's Baroque style. During the tour of the castle you will also get tricky questions and the successful ones are waiting for you at the end of the declamation. Tours are also suitable for children's visitors.

More information about the castle and its opening hours here.