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Surrounding countryside

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Mountains and its surroundings offers visitors a wealth of leisure activities in nature, forests, shimmering lakes, forests, full of blueberries and mushrooms, grain, poppy I potato fields, parks and natural garden ... it's up to the visiting WHERE are allowed to establish and WHERE THEY ARE HIGHER.

Natural gardens
"Near-Earth Nature" gardens, which are farmed without chemistry, in collaboration with wild plants and animals. It is actually such a small nature reserve that: offers living space to animals, which are shrinking in the landscape produces fresh and healthy foods without chemistry allows the whole family to relax, meet and create is aesthetically beautiful and varied with a number of different habitats is a place of observation, cognition and learning of natural processes

It is a sort of "collection of live trees" or " a special botanical garden, which is in the form of a park accessible to the public or the arboretum is established as a forest stand and serves for research purposes. The main emphasis is placed on the arboretum mainly on the exact origin of the plants, their records, monitoring and evaluation. The arboretum is also widespread in various vocational schools where it serves as a didactic aid in teaching and learning of foreign species.

Old forests
The forest or the original forest is essentially a "uninfluenced forest". The species composition of the forest and its spatial structure correspond to the natural state and the conditions of the habitat where it is located.The "original forest - forest" can also be defined as forests which were partially influenced in the past, but the intervention did not affect the deviation from the natural direction of development and the traces of such intervention are not long ago.

Route tips

Natural gardens
Within the Šumava and Pošumaví you can visit the so-called "Sample Natural Gardens", which you will be happy to do with their owners and will introduce you to the uniqueness of their garden. The other nature gardens are private, but many owners and these "hateful" gardens offer an opportunity to tour. A unique event within the Czech Republic is the Weekend of Open Gardens, which takes place every second year in June, offering gardeners and gardeners the opportunity to explore a myriad of gardens and parks.


KY.BY garden Chlumany, Chlumany 60, tel. +420 602 328 400
U Vysaty, Chlumany, Chlumany 61, tel. +420 720 233 455


Fragrant Garden at Elementary School and Kindergarten, Čestice 148 - In the garden you will find a five-star insect hotel - whichever one likes. Rooms with moss, reed and wood, blocks and various natural materials. tel. +420 383 396 231
Blanka Toulová, Jaroškov 20, Stachy - garden in the foothills of the foothills of Šumava interesting by its location and size 0.9ha. It combines cultural planting of different ages with a wild drag, meadow and hedgerow.
Garden at Cipis, Jakub and Zuzana Nepustilova, Straka 1262, Prachatice - a suburban garden in the Prachatic part, with a classic house-building from the beginning of the 21st century, which follows the open landscape with forests. tel. +420 603 848 762
Natural garden near the forest - Berger, Horní Chrášťany 42 - a home-breeding and utility garden adapted to children's games with children's attractions and also a bathing pond. tel. +420 733 756 567
Arboretum in Vimperk was founded in 1959 on an area of ​​1.1 hectares. It is located in the middle of the town near the castle of Vimperk. Formerly the arboretum was mainly used for the teaching of forestry school pupils, and today it is open to the public. The Arboretum has the status of an "important landmark", the main reason for the registration being its historical and botanical value. In the arboretum you will find many local and exotic tree species. It is open all year round. Guided guided tours can be ordered for groups of at least 5 people at the Environmental Department of the City Office in Vimperk near Ing. Ivana Tůmová, phone +420 388 402 228
Boubínský prales is a national nature reserve, which was announced in 1858. It is the third oldest Czech nature reserve, which was set up at the instigation of the Josef John forester, and during the years it gradually grew from 47 ha to the current 685 ha. Managed by the Šumava National Park Administration. At the Idina Pila Information Center you can see a modern exhibition on Boubín Forest, and then walk through the "Around the Boubín Forest" 4 km long with a total of 9 stops. Part of the trail (1st to 5th stop) is suitable for families with children as well as for wheelchair users. The starting point for visitors is the parking lot near the Kaplice settlement near Zátona or the railway station Zátoň.