To Holašovice for the unforgettable atmosphere of rural trad

Cycling from Hluboká to Holašovice behind the baroque of the traditional Czech countryside

Few places in the world can boast a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Natural and Cultural Heritage. And it is just Holašovice, as the only village in the Czech Republic, that recognition. Cycle route takes you from Hluboka nad Vltavou to the magical region of villages with many buildings in the style of South Bohemian folk baroque, including Holašovice, as well as picturesque ponds and magnificent views. Discover the life of the South Bohemian village, devour energy into a magical menhir circle, refresh yourself in one of the local ponds, or make your trip a zoo or horseracing trip.

A 46 km long, roundabout route will take you through the slightly curving landscape of asphalt, gravel and stone roads.

Which way

The starting point of the route is the central car park in Hluboká nad Vltavou. Hluboká is easily reached by train, bus or CT No. 12 on a bicycle from České Budějovice.

From the central car park in Hluboká nad Vltavou to the Munický rybník and along the dam to the left to the zoo. From there, following the cycling route (CT) No. 1084 to Zlivo, after CT No. 1085 to Pištín, to Suchá farms and after CT No. 1090 Tupesy, Radošovice, Strýčice, after CT No. 1100 to Záboří and then to CT No. 1094 Holašovice. Back to CT No. 1085 through the solitary Borovka, around Čakov, the Holubov bastion, the dam of the Dehtar pond and the village of Dehtar to Břehov. From there after CT No. 1086 to Čejkovice and CT No. 1082 back to Hluboká nad Vltavou.

What to see and experience

  • Hluboka nad Vltavou
    • For exploring the romantic Hluboká Castle and the Alsova South Bohemian Gallery
    • for adrenaline and entertainment to the Sport-relaxation area, the golf course or the summer swimming pool
    • for animals in Hluboká Zoo - to see about 300 species of animals in almost 3000 copies; Attractive views over Munice Pond (108 ha)
  • Vondrov - a former Schwarzenberg farm, nowadays a riding hall with the possibility of riding on horseback
  • Zliv - a town with an ancient two-arched bridge from the beginning of the 18th century through the Judge's Stream, the Neo-Gothic chapel of St. Wenceslas and the natural swimming pool Mydlák
  • village Pištín, Tupesy, Radošovice, Záboří, Břehov, Čejkovice - picturesque villages with a unique folk architecture of rural baroque, where the time has stopped
  • Farm Sucha - a former Schwarzenberg farm with a brewer
  • village Holašovice - since 1998 it has been included in the UNESCO list
    • the best preserved example of the South Bohemian architecture of the 2nd half of the 19th century, which is called rural baroque village with richly decorated statues with spiders, barns, masts and exchanges, but also a forge, chapel and inn
    • Farm No. 6, called Selský dvůr - an exhibition of the life of a South Bohemian village with more than 250 objects, commemorates the way of farming in the first half of the 20th century
    • infocentrum - permanent exhibition with examples of crafts and folk culture as well as gallery with exhibition of pictures and photos (free admission)
    • Menhiri Circle, so called South Bohemian Stonehenge - let yourself be filled with positive energy! 
    • from the elevated place near the stone ring a nice view of the surrounding landscape - a view of the historic Holašovice is a contrast to the remote Temelín NPP. You will surely not miss the Hluboká chateau.
  • Holubovská baska - preserved folk settlement of the South Bohemian type
  • Dehtar Pond - with a breeding duck is the 10th largest pond in the Czech Republic. If you love natural swimming in beautiful backdrops, stop at Dehtar and refresh yourself. A memorable oak is growing along the path of the pond dam
  • pond Bezdrev - the 3rd largest pond in the Czech Republic is a great place to relax and enjoy water in the swimming pool with aquapark with lots of inflatable attractions