Země Živitelka

Země Živitelka

Locality: České Budějovice

22. 8. — 27. 8.

Already 50th year

"Země živitelka" is the only exhibition in our country that includes the entire agri-food sector. 2017 was a breakthrough. It has brought a record number of visitors since 2005, a number of innovations, individual agricultural fields were presented across the whole area, exhibitors from 22 countries took part in the agro-salon and occupied 15 ha of exhibition area.

International agro-salmon Country breeder is one of the most important agricultural fairs in Europe. This exhibition is regularly attended by more than 600 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors. In 2017, the entire agricultural sector was largely represented. The 49th year thanks to many novelties supported the growth of business opportunities, emphasis was placed on a high-quality professional program, a wide variety of agricultural fields, and an interactive understanding of the nature of agriculture. Agricultural machines were exhibited, with their exposures not being missing by fishermen, hunters or pet breeders,

Agricultural technology was not only the largest part of the outdoor areas, but also the Z-pavilion. Throughout the course of the Earth, the nutrition experts were conducting professional seminars and programs, and we noticed an unexpected interest not only from experts. There were examples of the tradition, development and / or celebration of Czech agriculture. The country's breadwinner has made it possible to build new business opportunities.