Buskers fest

Buskers fest

Locality: České Budějovice

17. 6. — 21. 6.

Street art festival

Busking is a sign for any street performances - whether musical, theatrical or even artistic. A rising person is called a busker. Most often, you can meet musical productions (mostly acoustic), but you can do almost anything interesting or fun to appreciate: acrobatics, dancing, swallowing of fire or swords, juggling, magic, puppetry, pantomime, recitation, live sculptures ...

Our idea is for the town of České Budějovice to come up with street art for one day of the year. The artists are scattered almost every corner of its historical core and our festival touched almost every citizen and accidental visitor to our metropolis, street artists make it easier for people to go from work, to school, to schoolchildren, to mums with strollers, to walking with dogs, ...

They have the opportunity to pause for a while, watch a show, relax from a day-long day's hustle and bustle. By creating music, theaters and different performances throughout the city, we create a unique and unrepeatable - or even magical, atmosphere that will not only breathe the center, but also the whole of České Budějovice.