South Bohemia Classic 2024

South Bohemia Classic 2024

Locality: České Budějovice

6. 9. — 7. 9.

The International rally of classic and sports cars

The International one-hundredth rally of classic and sports cars is enjoying growing popularity year by year. Combining the elegance of classic cars with female beauty, masculine charm, scenic South Bohemian landscape and its famous monuments, it will attract almost 150 crews from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, USA or the Russia.

South Bohemia Classic is a social event for car lovers with a unique sports experience. However, neither reaching the highest speed, nor handling the corners is what matters. The winner of the event will be decided by a perfect teamwork between the driver and his co-driver during the special tests in which the time is measured with the accuracy of one hundredth of a second.

A ride along the winding South Bohemian roads in the virgin nature is a yearly challenge for almost three hundred enthusiastic owners of classic cars and shiny sports cars from many countries of Europe.