Five-Patelled Rose Celebrations®

Locality: Český Krumlov

16. 6. 2023 — 17. 6. 2023

The largest cultural event in Český Krumlov regularly held in the second half of June.



After a two-year pause, it’s time again to look forward to the traditional historical festivities that take over the Old Town of Český Krumlov, one of the biggest festivals of its kind in Europe. This year's theme is rather fitting: Return of the Five Petalled Rose.

For three whole days, the city returns to the Renaissance, its most glorious era, and recalls the glory of the five-petalled rose. Period music is heard everywhere, there are historical sword fights, performances by jugglers, jokers and fakirs, a variety of theatre and dance performances, children and adults can play period games, and market traders offer their wares. This year will also feature a knightly tournament commemorating the legend of the Division of the Rose, as well as jousting exhibitions and horse-work demonstrations.

The atmosphere of the time is perfectly evoked by the daytime and evening spectacular parades from the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Several hundred costumed characters provide an unforgettable experience: nobles, townspeople, musicians, jugglers, kn