Sightseeing cruises

Sightseeing cruises

We offer a beautiful view from the deck of our ship

Wonderful and mysterious ten kilometers reservation and gorges can be seen from the deck of our ship and share unspoiled nature along with fallow deer in a park, on the banks of herons and dragonflies above the water. Equally, however, and the other ten kilometers across Lake Purkarec after Hněvkovice. This is everything from scented spring to the amazingly colorful autumn. And for sports-loving, there is the remarkable water sports - water skiing in Purkarec - Raft the only village that survived the construction of dams Hněvkovice - with a museum of Rafting. Just a twenty minute walk from Purkarec separate you from the ruins of Charles castle, under which obviously can land our ships. All this and much more you can experience when traveling along with us.

Cruises run from 04.01 to 30.10, however, they are dependent on weather conditions, water levels and state restrictions watercourse administrator. We recommend, especially outside the tourist season, verify the given contact, whether the cruise takes place.

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We will advise you personally at the pier on our ships.,