Pilgrimage Site on Křížová hora

Pilgrimage Site on Křížová hora

The Baroque Pilgrimage Site on Křížová hora above Český Krumlov is a commemorative religious, historic and cultural site with strong energy, romantic surroundings, and beautiful views of the town and the Bohemian Forest. 

What you will see

Permanent Exhibitions: Madonnas of South Bohemia – of Krumlov, Zlatá Koruna, Vyšší Brod and Doudleby

Outdoor panorama with binoculars: the most beautiful view of Český Krumlov and the Bohemian Forest

The Chapel: it has been consecrated at least 3 times, and for that reason, it represents a charming religious space which is the venue of a ceremonious singing mass in Latin on the occasion of the day of the Chapel of “the Exaltation of the Holy Cross” on 14th September or on the nearest Saturday.

Concerts in the Chapel with amazing acoustics and energy (according to the current offer)


Community centre in a former hermitage (i.e. an 18th-century dwelling of the site’s caretakers), film screenings – DVD, TV – Noe, viewing and lending of books, paintings. We turn the heating on during winters and thus our pilgrimage site serves also as a “cosy mountainous den” for all winter pilgrims and visitors.
Kids’ Club: colouring books and painting, children’s books
Tourist corner with maps and newsletters, documents for water-sports enthusiasts and tourists