Vimperk town

Vimperk town

The town of Vimperk is the gateway to the Bohemian Forest, as well as the city of sporting experiences,

The picturesque town, often called the Šumava gate or the town under Boubín, lies in the valley of the Volyňka River at the foot of the Boubín Forest. The city passes the main road road, through the border crossing Strážný, to Germany. The Šumava National Park and the Šumava Protected Landscape Area begin close to the town. The town was famous for its glass and letter printing, later for the textile industry, electronics and the furniture industry. Currently, there are several emerging businesses. On 20 September 2003, the town of Vimperk and the Bavarian town of Freyung concluded a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.

It is worth visiting:

Vimperk State Chateau - In 2018 Vimperk Castle entered the IROP Restoration Project: Upper Chateau Vimperk (Winterberg). The work will run until the end of 2020 and visitor operation of the castle will be greatly limited during the duration of the work. Only the tour of the Lower Castle - exceptional renaissance decorations of the lower castle, remains of fresco-secco paintings before the restoration, exhibition of one of the largest Renaissance beam ceilings in Central Europe, sala terrena, castle park.

Steinbrener's Princess - A logical game based on escape games. In this game you enter the historic cellar of the 16th century house and the game will give you a glimpse into the history of Vimperk's printing, for the time when the printing black smelled the distance, and the products from the Vimperk Steinbrener printer were known all over the world.

The Forest Elm Trail - On a path about 1.5 km long, there are 7 information panels - houses with stamps, giant rabbits, stork elves, royal houses made of natural materials, cognitive games for both small and large. At the last little Elk Bukovnicek there are also small art supplies that can be made of cones made of cones, bark, moss, stones or rhinestones.