Cannabis Spa Hotel Bobík

Cannabis Spa Hotel Bobík

Relaxation and comfort in Volary town

The herbal healing offered by the spa has been studied for many years by pharmaceutical professionals and developed in professional laboratories, manufactured in the highest quality possible according to ISO manufacturing of medical devices and products. We do not use chemical components, but medical devices and cosmetics based on the finest and most carefully selected plant extracts, which together with cannabis, state-of-the-art spa baths and intelligent procedures improve the health of your body and ensure mental peace and well-being.

Cannabis is a plant that helps thousands of years to heal and prevent human health. Contains substances called cannabinoids that are found only in cannabis in the green part of the plant and have much better use than modern superlatives of the chemical industry. Most of them are associated with pain and with skin diseases or cancer, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, burns, leg ulcers, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, locomotor system pains, back pain, spine, joints, tendons, varicose veins, swelling or inflammation.

Cannabinoids work synergistically and care for the affected deposit by their positive pharmacological capabilities. Until now, no plant has been found to help heal like cannabis without side effects on human health and would have so many beneficial substances effective on a wide range of diseases. Cannabinoids are substances that occur naturally only in cannabis plants. Scientists point to their great potential in the treatment of diseases and diseases. Cannabis relieves liver disease and persistent itching. It also helps with sleeping problems and depression. Cannabis has been with us for millions of years.


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