Cruises in České Budějovice

Cruises in České Budějovice

Cruises around České Budějovice on the Malše and Vltava rivers.

You can experience a beautiful trip on the boat Sv. Rozálie, which leaves from the Café VLNNA, which is located on the blind arm of Malše near Sokolský Island.

In the summer season the boat sails for about 45 minutes long cruises, where you can use the commented Historical Cruises or Fairytale Cruises for Children.

Historic cruises take place from Wednesday to Sunday, Fairytale Cruises on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, during the summer season you can use the boat as a means of transport on a regular line Water Tower - Sokol Island - Little Weir.

For current situation we recommend to check on the website of the operator or on the Vltava River Trail.