Maiden Stone

Maiden Stone

A romantic castle ruin stretching over a high rock

Dívčí kámen, or Maiden Stone, is a romantic castle ruin stretching over a high rock cliff at the confluence of the Křemžský brook and the Vltava River between the towns of České Budějovice and Český Krumlov.

The former castle complex has a quite varied botanical and zoological life due to the interconnection between the rock formation, the meandering waterways, and human intervention. The surrounding area of ​​the castle has been declared a nature reserve and is also part of the Blanský Forest protected landscape area. The location’s atmosphere is empowered by its close proximity to a Celtic Oppidum, one of the largest and most important in Europe. The castle ruins are one of the most extensive and best preserved medieval monuments in the Czech Republic.

Dívčí kámen was founded by the famous Rožmberk family in 1349 and was abandoned in 1506. After 500 years since the castle was abandoned by its founders, the castle grounds became the property of the town of Křemže. The castle ruins are presently used for regular concerts, historical events, fencing and theater performances, as well as medieval markets, lectures, and exhibitions.

The castle is open all year round, from dawn to dusk.