Chateau Mitrowicz

Chateau Mitrowicz

Chateau Mitrowicz is a charming and gently renovated estate established back in 1565

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Chateau Mitrowicz is a charming and gently renovated estate established back in 1565. It is located on the Lužnice river bank close to the town of Týn nad Vltavou.

The chateau became a national heritage site, especially thanks to its unique frescoes displayed in the whole area of the representative floor. The second floor offers attractive accommodation in the gently renovated former private chambers of the Mitrowicz dynasty.

Inside the château you can enjoy costume excursions including the chapel of St. Anna, a restored castle park, a herb garden, a pond relaxation area, and a stylish outdoor seating area in the barbecue / bar. This year, a tour circuit will be prepared, which will include the exteriors of the castle, the garden and the representative castles.

Thanks to the position along the river Lužnice, near the confluence with the Vltava, it is possible to get to the chateau by boat.

The castle is listed among monumentally protected buildings with unique frescoes throughout the representative floor. On the second floor there is a sensitively and modernly designed accommodation in the private rooms of the Vratislav family of Mitrowicz, which has owned and built this castle for generations.

Over time, the owners of the castle quite often changed. They were Jan Mencelius of Kolsdorf, Jan de Vitte of Lilliental, Johanka Branstein of Malovice, Pavel Michna of Vacinov. After being auctioned in 1704, Count František Wratislav of Mitrowicz became the owner of the castle and his castle remained for centuries. A few years later, Franz Karel Wratislav and his wife, Marie Anna, Kinsky's extension of the residential part with the extension of the chapel was enlarged, and thus the chateau gained its present Baroque appearance.

Later modifications occurred in 1840, when the mill was located in the original Renaissance part of the castle. The mill was relocated to a new building on the opposite bank of the river Lužnice and the entire riverbed was moved further from the castle, increasing the space before the castle and extending the park, originally founded in 1753. In 1875, between the castle and the entrance gate the family crypt of the Wratislav family of Mitrowicz. The remains of the brothers Eugen and Karel Vratislav were transferred to the cemetery in Týn nad Vltavou.

The Wratislav family of Mitrowicz and Schoenfeld died out in 1943 in the person of Eugene Wratislaus. The only owner of the Collogeian castle finally became his sister Marie Terezie (1884-1961), who married the free lord Dercsényi, owner of the estate in Dolni Pocernice. In the 1940s, the property of the Dercsényi was nationalized.

After nationalization of the building in the 1940s. the castle complex together with adjacent brewery buildings, distilleries, cones and others were managed by local agriculture company. The actual building of the castle was forcibly separated by a high wall and served as a depository of the museum. In the mid-1960s due to the construction of the Orlicka Dam to increase the level of the Lužnice, the barren was lost under the castle and the adjacent park was considerably reduced by the extension of the river bed and the construction of the flood protection barrier.