Devil's wall

Devil's wall

Devil's wall rises above the once famous Devil Streams of the Vltava River

Above the Vltava valley is situated one of the most famous rock sites - Čertova stěna.

The devil's wall rises above the once-famous Devil's Streams of the Vltava River between Loučovice and Vyšší Brod. The protected area Čertova stěna (Devil´s wall) was connected with the protected area Luč to the national nature reserve Čertova stěna - Luč.

The Devil's Wall is a wild rocky cliff dotted with chaotic granite boulders. Around pine and birch trees, often very unusual shapes. Above the valley, a 30-meter-high rock block - Devil's pulpit, from which there is a beautiful view of the romantic Vltava River - is turned off. Under the Devil's Wall, the Vltava River flows through a boulder channel, called Devil Streams. The riverbed is filled with massive boulders in which giant pots up to a diameter of 1 m have been created.

Several legends are associated with the Devil's Wall. The most widespread story tells of the devil who wanted to destroy the newly built monastery in the nearby Vyšší Brod: he made a stone dam across the valley and then flooded the monastery. But the fateful night did not finish the work, and with its dawn, its time was over. The stone dam collapsed and the boulders hit the riverbed and covered the surrounding slopes. In fact, the Devil's Wall was created by the glacier.

The Devil's Wall is available from the parking lot on the Vyšší Brod - Loučovice road, and on the opposite part of the Vltava river there is a bike path. Here are also information signs.

About 1 km west of the valley of the Vltava, peak Luč is off, where there are also massive rock formations. From the rock near the top there is a beautiful view of the adjacent Vltava valley, Devil´s wall and also part of Lipno.