PLA Blanský les

PLA Blanský les

The newest protected landscape area in Bohemia.

This forest is the newest protected landscape area in Bohemia and is unique mainly due to its preserved fauna and flora, complemented by a number of historical monuments and folk architecture. Natural forest communities are preserved over large areas, but the flora and vegetation of the limestone meadows are also interesting. So far there have been around 900 species of vascular plants discovered here, and the PLA contains 15 nature reserves.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Blanský les PLA also offers plenty of historical monuments. The most prominent of these are the Celtic oppidum at Třísova, the Zlatá Koruna Monastery , the ruins of a Gothic castle at Dívčí Kámen, and the village heritage zone of Holašovice . The lowest altitude is 420 m (Vltava canyon) while the highest is 1084 m (peak of Kleť Mountain).

The Blanský les forest area is very suitable for a peaceful family vacation. The area contains 7 educational nature trails that take you through the most beautiful places – from breathtaking views from the lookout tower Granátník and the oldest lookout tower in Bohemia at the top of Kleť mountain, to the Baroque style chateau park near the Červený Dvůr Chateau. All this in a tranquil landscape of forests and towers, picturesque South Bohemian villages and solitude, and mainly away from the hurried everyday life.

The best starting point for discovering the Blanský les Protected Landscape Area is the village of Holubov, where there is also an information center for the Protected Landscape Area. You can then continue to the parking lot at Krásetín village, where there is a chair lift station to the top of Kleť Mountain.

Routes of nature trails and their detailed descriptions are available at