Egon Schiele Garden Studio

Egon Schiele Garden Studio

Visit the garden house at the terraces in Southern Meander od Vltava, that in 1911 served as a residence and studio for the world famous painter Egon Schiele (1890-1918). 

What you will see

You can see interiors of the studio where Schiele created his famous Český Krumlov paintings such as The Town on the Blue River, Dead Town, Night Krumlov or View Over Krumlov Rooftops. Come sit in the work environment of the studio, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glas of wine at the terrace (part of the garden house is a café).

If you like peace and sunshine, use the landscaped entrance to the river and lie on a large grassy area under the picturesque terraces of the garden house 

Entry to the Garden House is from Linecká Street (parking possible at P3).