Skating, ice hockey

Skating, ice hockey

Open ice rink

The ice rink at the winter stadium serves as a public skating and for rent.

All information to operate the ice hockey stadium, please and current events at or in the calendar.


The decision to build a stadium was adopted town of Hluboka nad Vltavou late 90s.

Winter stadium with an open ice rink is located in a sports complex near the Vltava river. Annual season begins at the end of October (depending on weather conditions) and ends in mid-March. At the ice rink ice rink lease runs for local and foreign hockey clubs, orchestrated the match and training. It is also organized 3 times a week for public skating, skating for free local kindergarten and elementary school. Ice rink is also used by schools from other towns and villages. The ice rink is maximally exploited very often not possible to satisfy everyone.

Operator of the stadium HC Hluboká n./Vlt. KNIGHTS

The 2005-2006 season was successful to date the greatest achievement of modern TJ Hluboká HC Knights and the title of regional champion.

Today, the club brings together 150 members - from the youngest hopes veterans. His ambitions were, are and will be high on both the sporting and social. With a handicap of open ice surfaces'm afraid we will fight for a long time, for it is pleasing breadth of membership and unquestioned success Knights, Cannons, and Old Boys in their competitions. The permanent anchoring of the club between regional hockey elite members and fans, let's wish a lot of willpower and heart in the right place. On the occasion of the memories of three key dates - years 1912, 1933 and 1994 - this modest would like to thank the hundreds of thousands of our predecessors and contemporaries who, during nearly a century spent in Hluboka his energy and goodwill delightful game called hockey.