Artificial slalom course

Rafting for everyone

Options rafting in Raftcentru Czech Budejovice are really wide.
On this unique track, which annually measures its ability professionals from across Europe, including representatives of Czech Republic, you can experience rafting, what you on current natural flow gets. Experienced riders can ride down the track without the assistance of an instructor for the less experienced are the services of our experienced instructors, some even with representational experience. To Raftcenter you can take your own raft or you can simply borrow in our sport, for a discounted price including longer rental fee slalom course.
A ride on a raft really invite everyone, the feeling is it really worth it! We have a program that we can adapt to the client for peace and for everyone to find a safe adrenaline. Entertainment you will find families and adrenaline enthusiasts!

Rafting, corporate events

Raftcentrum BW offers everyone interested in water sports a wide range of activities. If you are not skilled drivers and yourself you are not comfortable rapids Ceske Budejovice slalom course, we have the solution for you. Our instructors will take you through safely slalom runs and still get there a lot of fun and a few things you can learn.
For corporate clients we build events tailored exactly to your needs. Companies organize races or you simply can take a ride. Then you can all sit down and enjoy a barbecue party at a local restaurant.