The town of Bechyně is situated in the picturesque countryside over the river Lužnice.

In the past it belonged to the oldest administrative centres and included a considerable part of South Bohemia with the residence of the archdeanconry as early as at the beginning of the Middle Ages. The Bechyně owner`s coat-of-arms reminds you of the old symbol of South Bohemia - cinquefoil rose, the crest of Petr Vok - the last Rosenberg regent.

The most valuable architectural sights are the castle complex and the late Gothic monastery with its magnificent diamond vault. For more than two hundred years the town has been renowned for spa treatment, the production of traditional South-Bohemian ceramics and the oldest Czech ceramic school in this country.

Another notable sights is "The Bechyně rainbow" - the ferroconcrete bridge spanned over the deep valley of the river Lužnice. It is fifty metres high and was completed in 1928.

Every year the town is a destination for a lot of tourists and outstanding international artists all over the world. It has become a centre of the South-Bohemian Musical Festival with the international participation of famous musicians. The South-Bohemian Art Gallery of Mikoláš Aleš houses the works of international ceramics symposiums held in Bechyně. The artefacts are located in the former castle brewery. Another unique sight is the Firemen`s Museum.