The nature trail of Veselí Sandpits

Beautiful walk of the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area along the nature trail around Veselí Sandpits

Light footpath of length: 8 km

In the Protected Landscape Area and the Třeboňsko Biosphere Reserve, Veselí nad Lužnicí and the villages of Horusice and Vlkov are spread over 240 hectares of Veselí Sandpits. These are the five gravel lakes that originated during the extraction of gravel in the years 1952 to 1986. The tourist trail is Veselí Sandpits, which represents a total of 8 km long circuit with 14 information boards on the banks of two lakes. The board will introduce you to local fauna and flora, history of sand and gravel extraction, and geological conditions. The trail also passes a reserve that protects the natural dune from the sand, called Sand Sand at Vlk. It is almost an hectare of desert with unique fauna and flora, a very unique phenomenon in southern Bohemia. Sandstones are located about 2 km south of Veselí nad Lužnicí - by car to Val, Hamr (you can park in the car park in the northern part of the sandpits, where the footpath starts and ends), walking on the yellow tourist sign. The trail can be hosted all year round, but if you go out in the summer, then it is an advantage that you can also swim in the sandstones. Relax and sunbathe on the sandy beaches on the shores of the lakes.

Number of panels: 14

.. what do they tell us?

Starting point
Flower of disturbed places
CHKO and the Třeboňsko Biosphere Reserve
Ponds with ponds
Forest roads, pine forests
Fields and meadows
Extraction of gravel
Incorporating lakes into the landscape
The meaning of shrubs
Importance of trees outside the forest
The golden sewer
The world of glittering wings
Fish sandwiches