Rožmberk nature trail

Light cycle path with a length of 22 km

Number of panels: 9

The nature trail around the famous Rožmberk, the largest pond in Central Europe, will introduce you to the history of the Třeboňsko pond system. You will ride through the hundred-year-old oaks, where birds nest and rare species of insects live. You will see the Adolfku discharge, which is a unique technical monument. And at the time of the autumn harvests, you can see a large flock of raccoons, ducks, geese, calves and bumble bees in Rožmberk.

The circuit starts at the Pond World in Trebon and ends in Staré Hlinsko. Here you can join the trail around the trail around Trebon, which will take you to the parking lot at the Hradec Gate in Trebon. The route runs along the III. class, field roads and pond dams.