Nature Trail from Želnava to the Slunečná biofarm

The nature trail will take you through the foothills of the Bohemian Forest and the floodplain with the Vltava meanders

The trail leads through the scenic landscape, the information panels become familiar with local nature and history. You will also climb on the Želnavský vrch (815 m above sea level), from where you can see beautiful views.

The starting point is the village of Želnava, where you park at the church of St. Jacob and look at the old tombstones with cast iron crosses. It also leads the path through the meadows and the forest.

In the middle of the journey, Biofarma is waiting for you to see the reared animals and buy organic bio products (meat, milk, cheeses, eggs, honey or potatoes). Here you can learn how to farm and, moreover, also accommodate.

The length of the nature trail is 6.4 km

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