The tranquil landscape of Lišov to the region of the Třeboň

Cycle through the peaceful landscape of Lišov to the region full of ponds ornate with the town of Třeboň

Cycling will take you through the tranquil landscape of Lišov to the Třeboň ponds and Třeboň itself. You will appreciate the beautiful nature and ponds where you can rest on the dykes, explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage and delight your taste buds with a tasting of beer or spirits. All or much more. On the way, there are lots of experiences and places to visit. A 45-km-long route takes you along asphalt, gravel and forest roads.

Which way

We will start the trip in the well-accessible town of Lišov, at the Relaxacentrum Mrkáček where we can leave the car. You can also take bicycles with bicycles (orange line) to Lišov. The original circular route can be terminated in Třeboň and back to Lišova to return by bicycle.

Relaxation center Mrkáček - Sosní - after CT 1105 - Horní Miletín - Dunajovice (near Dunajovice Mountain) - Přeseka - after CT 1034 to the Rožmberk pond (connection to NS Rožmberk - location 5 of 8) - after the Rožmberk Dam to the Smítka crossroads - after CT 1035 to Staré Hlíny (here NS Rožmberk ends, connection to NS Around Třeboň - location No. 18 of 22) - transport along the city. road and again on the right along the pond Vítka to Nové Hlíny (the path is copying the trail of NS around Třeboň) - Pergola u sv. Vitus (possibility of rest and refreshment) - behind the bridge over the city. the road to Vodárenská Street and the Dukelská Street to Třeboň - Masaryk Square - along the Seaport, the kiosk to the Schwarzenberg tomb and along the World Ranges (the possibility of a detour to the Spolský mlýn) (the section is also copied by The World Around) - Spolí - CT 1096 through Libín, Vlkovice to Zvíkov - after CT 1106 (or after the green and then blue around the Koníř pond / or via Hvozdec - the possibility of visiting the llihovar) to Lišova - transport Žižkova Street, May 5th class and Miletínská street back to Relaxant Center Mrkáček.

What to see

  • Lišov - the Church of Sts. Wenceslas from the 2nd half of the 19th century, from which allegedly comes the Bumerin bell located in the Black Tower in Budějovice, the Swcharzenberg hospital, above the Lišov trigonometric point of the first order Větrník and "the center of Europe" (permanent leveling point) Locus Perennis
  • Horní and Dolní Miletín, Vlkovice - villages with several preserved folk buildings
  • Dunajovice - near the village there is the Danube Mountain (504 m above sea level) with the Chapel of St. Crosses and a cross way to the top of the mountain
  • Přeseka - a chapel with a tower from the beginning of the 19th century, a fallen monument and a historical school building from the second half of the 19th century.
  • the Rožmberk pond (489 ha) - the largest pond in the Czech Republic, a massive dam with alley of centuries-old oaks, Renaissance Rožmberk bastion, the "Samice" outlet used in the past to catch a pond with a stone memorial with a cross
  • "Bridge of films and fairy tales" (eg Once King, From Hell of Happiness) - Stone bridge between Old and New clay from 1781 by Josef Rosenauer leading through the pond of Vítek; in the immediate vicinity of Staré Hlíny another stone bridge from the same designer, but with 12 arches and a length of 119 m.
  • Pergola u sv. Vitas - a pleasant place to relax and refreshment in the restaurant at the Zadní Kouty pond, in the sight of the chapel of St. The Victory was built at the place where the water miraculously healed and where for many years the hermit
  • Třeboň - Masarykovo square with Baroque and Renaissance burgher houses, with a fountain, Marian column, old town hall and towers, close to the Castle and Chateau Park, the House of Nature, the Church of St. Jiljí and the Virgin Mary, Regent Brewery or Bertina Spa. Near the Schwarzenberg tomb from 1877 - there are 26 coffins with Schwarzenberg bodies
  • Pond Svět - forms the inherent backdrop of the town of Třeboň, the 14th largest pond of the Czech Republic, with an island with a still functioning medieval well, used for fish breeding and recreation; the statue of Jakub Krčín from Jelčan is located on the dike near the dock
  • Collo - baroque chapel from 1800 with unconventional architecture, near the Spolský Mill from 1861 for the production of lumber
  • Zvíkov - preserved fort from the 15th century.
  • Hvozdec - fruit distillery Bozízovská pálenice with a number of prizes preparing excellent spirits
  • What to experience
  • a pleasant bike ride through the meadows, forests and ponds
  • natural swimming in the Danube Mountain, flooded quarry with clear water and blooming water lilies, and the newly refurbished Koniř
  • descend to the water surface of the "South Bohemian Sea" - Rožmberk and observe the curvature of the globe
  • fish, relax and relax on the ponds of Třeboň's ponds
  • stop at NS Rožmberk Information Boards, Around Trebon and get acquainted with the beauties and attractions that Třeboňsko is all about (the trail leads in part through these nature trails)
  • visit the historic center of Třeboň, take a ride on the boat, enjoy a unique view of the city from the town hall tower, see the castle or pay a visit to the Regent Brewery with a tasting
  • enjoy the renowned Třeboň carp in various forms and take a great gastrozajitek
  • take a tour around the World - either in the form of a sightseeing cruise, or the World Wide World, whose path partly copies our route, and get to know the history of the world and fishponding in the Třeboň region
  • Find out how to make true brandy - visit Bozzovska pshop in Hvozdc and do not forget to taste. Check in advance and take a tour of the fruit distillery and much more.