Cycling around ponds from České Budějovice and good beer

Cycle with us to enjoy the beautiful countryside, unique heritage sites and good beer.

Cycle with us to enjoy the beautiful countryside, unique heritage sites and good beer. All that in a single cycling trip of 24 km across the picturesque South Bohemian countryside.

The trip starts in České Budějovice, a hub for major historic and cultural monuments. You must visit Přemysl Otakar II Square, important for its size and shape, as it forms an exact square of nearly 1 hectare. The square is dominated by the Baroque Samson Fountain, whose center boasts a sculpture of four atlases supporting a round bowl with a sculpture of Biblical Samson riding a lion. The Errant Rock is right beside the fountain. Legend says that if you step on it at midnight, you get lost and never find your way home. The Black Tower is impossible to miss; its magic is particularly evident when looking from above. The Black Tower commands marvellous views of the wide surrounding area. When ascending its steep stairs, you can view the six bells, some of which are connected with legends. We also recommend seeing Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas and Piarist Square, where you can admire the Salt Store and the Dominican monastery with the Church of Our Lady’s Devition.

After seeing the center of the South Bohemian capital, ride through the city following cycle trail no. 1100 via Branišov Forest to Branišov, and from there to Křenovice. You can make a stop in either village and enjoy a rest or refreshment in a local pub. In Křenovice, join cycle trail no. 1082, which will take you around the fishponds Vyšatov and Motovidlo, and you will arrive in Nové Dvory some 5 km after that. We recommend a visit to the Kněžínek microbrewery, an old rustic homestead from the end of the 19th century. The Kněžínek microbrewery boasts a prime standing among České Budějovice breweries. The place is worth a visit not only for its excellent beer but also because you will learn a lot about the past and present of beer-making. From Nové Dvory, follow cycle trails 1109 a 1108, around more fishponds, and back to České Budějovice, where the route ends. On the way back, you will pass by picturesque Vrbenské fishponds, which are part of a nature reserve. If you like them, come back another time and take the Vrbenské fishpond nature trail.