Schwarzenberg canal

The canal was used for rafters to float wood from 1793 to 1962

The nature trail was inaugurated on 17 May 2003. It leads from the parking lot in Jelení Vrchy (near the lower portal) along the canal to Raškov under Nová Pec, where there is also parking for motorists. It connects many attractive parts of the technical work on its 9 km length: from the tunnel (currently 397.22 m long) with architecturally drawn entry portals, the Jelení skew connected by the Plešné Lake, the Rosenauer Chapel at the crossing point with the Lake Brook from Lake Plešné, The lake ridge, the aqueduct at Rossbach, which is at the same time a viaduct over the Horse stream flowing from the Říjiště power reservoir, an unforgettable stone bench, several buoys and side passes along the entire length of the sewer, and especially the beautiful nature of Šumava with unforgettable sounds, scents and senses for all sensory organs.

The canal was used to float timber from 1793 to 1962, it´s almost 170 years, and at the time of the prewar period it belonged among the greatest pride of the Schwarzenberg manor. However, during the communist era, the canal was not maintained and was damaged and damaged in many sections. At present it is reconstructed to 15 km of original length and the part is declared with technical monuments. We recommend that you plan a visit to the route at the time of the demonstration run on the channel, then you will experience the touch of the past with your own skin.

The trail is suitable for all: cyclists, hikers, cross-country skiers in winter and with a flat, easy-to-use surface and reach for wheelchairs and other visitors.