Kleť mountain

Kleť mountain

Experience the most beautiful view in South Bohemia!

Kleť, the queen of South Bohemian mountains and hills, and the highest mountain of the Blanský Forest (1083.2 m above sea level). This mountain is visible from many parts of Southern Bohemia with its typical silhouette of the famous lookout tower and TV transmitter. Every year it is visited by thousands of hikers and tourists. The name of the mountain is responsible for the surrounding hiking area of ​​Podkletí. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the distant peaks of the Alps from the lookout tower at the top.

What can you experience here? In addition to the pristine nature, distant views, and sports experience during the climb up, Kleť offers a 19-m high lookout tower open all year round with a permanent exhibition on Kleť exposure and views of the peaks of the Austrian Alps. Hike up or take the chairlift. Tour the world-famous observatory. The Kleť Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​65 hectares. Hike the Kleť educational trail, about 5 km long with 8 stops. There are tens of kilometers of marked footpaths, cross-country skiing trails, and cycling and hiking trails. Restaurants, refreshments, and accommodation are available in the Terezín cottage. You can even ride a scooter from the top of the mountain.

The observatory on Kleť is located south of the peak and is the highest observatory in the Czech Republic. It is renowned in the Czech Republic and throughout the world for its research on asteroids and comets. One of the Kleť Observatory discoveries bears the name of the town of Český Krumlov – this is an asteroid with the serial number 2747 with a diameter of almost 20 kilometers and orbiting the Sun once every 5.48 years.

In the period from July to August, regular observation visits are held daily except Monday.
In June, September, tours take place only on weekends.
More detailed information at http://www.klet.cz/1/38/klet_verejnost .