State Castle Třeboň

State Castle Třeboň

Třeboň Chateau is one of the largest chateau complexes in the Czech Republic.

The chateau complex is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. Its present form is a work of Renaissance builders who built a glorious mansion of the noble family of Rožmberks on the site of the Gothic castle. Another important noble family of the Schwarzenbergs enriched the castle with baroque buildings in the outer courtyard. There are two separate historical exhibits in the chateau, documenting the possession of the castle by the two above-mentioned noble families. The exhibition called "Rožmberk Renaissance interiors" documents and recalls the oldest history until the 17th century after the arrival of the Schwarzenbergs. Exhibition "Private Schwarzenberg suites from the end of the 19th century" made available in 1996, documents and reminds of the way of life of the last generations of the Hlubokom-Krumlov branch of Schwarzenberg princes. The chateau interiors are the most interesting large renaissance room of a rectangular ground plan with a high mirror vault. The chateau surrounds the magnificent English-style landscape park. It is situated in the places where the Renaissance garden Petr Vok of Rožmberk was built in the early 17th century. It was later rebuilt by Jan Adolf I. Schwarzenberg. The transformation of the garden into a park took place after 1804. The castle was preserved by the prince Jan Adolf II in order to further enrich the park with the exotic plants, the floral parterre and the fountain with the fountain. Schwarzenberg and Princess Eleonora. For the public, the park was opened after 1945. A more significant restoration occurred in the 50s, 70s and 90s. The park is not only a beautiful place for walks and relaxation, but it is also a venue for cultural events, creating a unique backdrop.


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