Kuklov – Romantic ruin of an unfinished monastery

In 1495, Petr IV of Rožmberk invited the monks of the Order of St. Francis of Paola to establish a Pauline monastery here. The monastery with the single-nave Church of St. Andrew was never finished and was abandoned in around 1530. During the Thirty Years’ War, the monastery buildings were completely destroyed by Swedish troops and the monks were killed. The stones from the rubble were then used for the construction of small homes, many of which are built directly into ruins of the monastery. The church torso, with its five gothic windows, is visible from afar and attracts everyone just randomly passing. The space of ​​the former church is used by the village of Brloh for occasional theater performances, concerts, and weddings.

West of the village (approx. 100 m) there once stood the royal castle of Kuglwaid (Kuglvajt) on a rock promontory. It was founded on the site of a prehistoric fortified settlement sometime around 1357. To this day, only a few remnants of masonry, a moat dug in the rock, and mounds still remain.

Kuklov is a stop on the Brloh Nature Trail, marked as the blue trail from Netolice and Lhenice to Kleť Mountain. This is the intersection site of cycling trails no. 1090 and 1066.

Open year-round.