Ferrata Havranka

Ferrata Havranka

Ferrata Havranka is located on the Havraní skála rock formation on the right bank of the Vltava, just a few minutes walk from the centre of Český Krumlov. 

The first route of the ferrata, with difficulty level C, is currently accessible. In 2022, two more routes of difficulty levels C and C/D are planned, as well as a children's route of difficulty level B.



  • Difficulty: C
  • Length: 110 metres, includes a 27-metre rope bridge
  • Ascent time: approx. 30 min


Ferrata Havranka is located near the centre of Český Krumlov and can be reached by car, on foot, by bike as well as by boat. If you are arriving by car, the closest car park is P2 Parking under the post office.

For whom is the ferrata suitable?

Ferrata climbing is only for experienced ferratists equipped with the proper ferrata equipment. Inexperienced climbers can only do the ferrata while accompanied by an experienced ferratist, who, however, bears personal responsibility for them during the climb. Unaccompanied persons under the age of 15 are not allowed on the ferrata. The ferrata includes sections that can be hazardous for people under 15 and inexperienced individuals.

Mandatory equipment

Mandatory equipment for the ferrata consists of a climbing helmet, seated harness (ferrata seat), chest harness, lanyard, ferrata brakes. Gloves, dynamic rope and, most importantly, high-quality sturdy shoes are recommended. If you do not have ferrata equipment, you can use the Surfsport rental on the left bank of the river.

Equipment rental

Surfsport rental is located across the Vltava River, just opposite the ferrata with the possibility to rent both complete and partial ferrata equipment. Prices are indicated on the rental price list. In low season, it is possible to make an appointment by phone.

Ferrata with instructor

If you are new to ferrata climbing, you can book an instructor who will walk you through and teach you the dos and don’ts of safe climbing. The climbing instructor is available by prior telephone or e-mail appointment. Contact: Hana Benešová, UIMLA mountain guide, tel. 724 510 310, info@zivothorskepruvodkyne.cz