Jewish Synagogue in Čkyně

Jewish Synagogue in Čkyně

Visit one of the last village synagogues in the Czech Republic.

The Jewish Synagogue in Čkyně comes from 1828, which together with the Synagogue in Bechyně is one of the oldest preserved Jewish shrines in the South Bohemian Region and one of the last preserved village synagogues in the Czech Republic at all. The Jewish Synagogue is a classicist building, built in 1828 as a replacement for the older synagogue, which since 1827 served as a barn. Visitors' Synagogue offers a uniqueness that is rarely seen today. There is a unique old torah, wrapped in a box, surviving long years of world wars. The Torah is located in the winter prayer room where the original Torah box was preserved. The restorers have also discovered remnants of a historical fresco, so-called illusive altar.

Few enthusiasts were unwilling to accept the unstoppable progress of the degradation of the listed property and, for two decades, attempted step by step to rescue the dilapidated synagogue. Intensive renewal, made possible by obtaining "European money" in 2010, resulted after three years in the completion of the revitalization of the building, which is now the background and main focus of the company's activities.

The new opportunities objectively attracted new candidates for membership in society and related activities. The company, from the original members whose number did not exceed the number of fingers on one hand, has grown to about 15 members today.


Synagogue of Čkyně
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