Ky.By. garden Chlumany

Ky.By. garden Chlumany

Visit the award-winning countryside garden with traditional herbs and flowers.

Ky.By Chlumany is an award-winning countryside garden with traditional herbs and flowers. White strawberries with pineapple-strawberry flavors are grown here for Blanca Milfait's marmalade queen, a supplier of delicious products to the table of the British royal family.

Natural Garden Philosophy

Natural gardens are a particularly valuable place to live: they are colorful and varied and at the same time provide rest, healthy harvest and lots of experience right behind the house doors. They are oases for plants, animals and humans. Everyone here feels good because it works in harmony with nature. Everything is all about the "Natural Garden - Working with Nature, she will work with us".

Without peat, without light-soluble mineral fertilizers and without pesticides:

These three main criteria must be met by every natural garden. Of the 30 other criteria related to gardening and care for it, another 10 (eg species diversity in natural lawn, fruit garden, use of rainwater, hedgehog, etc.) must be met.

The natural garden should not miss:

Sites adapted to flowering plants (eg perennials), predominantly in non-fulvic forms (insect food).
Original shrubs and trees as structural elements, a source of fresh fruit and living space for many animal species.
Varied floral meadows or herbaceous lawns as a retreat for both humans and animals.
Herbal spirals or spirals whose plants will find use as a source of scent, or in the kitchen and home pharmacy.
Vegetable beds for self-catering vegetables.
Naturally formed dry and wetland habitats and ecological niches, such as a pile of stones or a wild corner.
Gentle, beneficial animal management, closed cycle farming.
Using natural, untreated materials to create paths, build fences, and walls.

Honors for natural gardens

Enamel plaque The "Natural Garden" is not only an adornment of the garden gate, but also thanks to the garden owners who work with nature, as well as the decorations. It is only granted if the above-mentioned "Natural Garden" criteria are met.


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