Berta’s Spa

Berta’s Spa

The Berta’s Spa compound is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic center of Třeboň.

Berta’s Spa has had a very long tradition in Třeboň. It was established in 1883 by teacher Václav Huck, who introduced the use of the local natural medicinal resource – peat. The spa is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic center of Třeboň, surrounded by the gemstone of South Bohemia, the Golden Canal, thanks to which you fully savor the peaceful atmosphere of the ancient town in connection with nature.

In treating its patients, Berta’s Spa sticks to its historic legacy, since Třeboň peat continues to be the primary medicinal resource. It has a beneficial effect on the body, which it warms evenly, acting beneficially on the skin, appeases pain and shortens the recovery time in patients with movement problems. In addition, visitors can enjoy a range of massages, baths and wraps.

The accommodation capacity is 186 beds in 102 single and double rooms and suites. Additional accommodation is available in nearby guesthouses located within comfortable walking distance of Berta’s Spa.

The spa compound includes restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, sauna and the modern Sports Park offering diverse forms of active relaxation. It includes a tennis hall, outdoor tennis courts, a volleyball court, squash court, fitness gym, bowling alley and table tennis.

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