Sport fishing

Sport fishing

It continues the tradition of fishing in South Bohemia

The company Fishery Hluboka com. Ltd. continued the tradition of fish farming in ponds, manages 2,552 hectares of ponds and ranks among the largest companies in the Czech Republic in freshwater fish. As a side activity operates in two hunting grounds, hunting and sport fishing in the three fishing grounds, which is a popular and economically important activity, diversification is also hunting in ice on a pond Mydlovarský. Great success has been achieved by concluding a "contractual suppliers Prague Castle."

Ponds designed for sport fishing:

Its area is 23.42 hectares and belongs to the municipality Zliv.
It was built as a replacement pond area for confiscated land for the tailings pond Mydlovary. The original name was "in the bushes", later changed the name to "Uranium" and today bears the name of Nuclear


With an area of ​​41.86 hectares falls within the municipality Zliv. In 74-76 was its cadastral area increased due to excavation debris and old waste dumps. After floods in 2002, there fell a dam and it was necessary for the reconstruction of a discharge device and dikes. The pond is due to the relatively good water quality popular summer swimming pool.


Falls within the municipality Čakovec, the pond area is 3.17 hectares. It is the last of the ponds in the village Dehtářské system Habří at Lipi. It was extensively damaged during the flood in 2002, which had to be overhauled security sluice - drains and dykes. Below the dam pond is a local technical monument Podevrážský Podevrážský mill, which includes a small hydropower plant.

Another possibility for sport fishing can be found in the sport and relaxation area.
The eastern part of the area is determined only to swimmers and water lovers. Their place they will also find sports fishermen. The most abundant fish in the vicinity of the area are carp, grass carp and roach. If one adds ten minute walk towards the weir, "range" expands on the pike, catfish and perch.

Vydejna fishing permits
In cooperation with the Czech Fishing Union was established in the pension Pelican crib fishing permits. This service can be used by all vacationers from all over the Czech Republic, apart from the Region - you must buy allowances in their local organization.

At the reception desk you can buy only trout permits.

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