Nature trail The Way around the World

Light footpath along the nature trail around the Pond World, the inherent backdrop of the city of Třeboň

Light footpath with a length of 12 km

Number of panels: 16

Did you know that the journey around the World may not take you more than just three hours? You can do this by following the nature trail around the Pond World, where you will see the Prince's tomb, Ostend beach, peat bogs and many other attractions. The nature trail consists of 12 km long and closed circuit trail has 16 information boards, most of which introduces basic ecological relations in nature and the individual animal and plant species typical of the various communities Trebon landscape. The information panels also draw on the history of ponds, spa and the development of folk architecture in the Třeboň region.

Which way?

The circuit starts at the Aurora Spa Park (it is possible to park the car in the spa park), leads along the field and forest roads, part along the meadow paths and after a beautiful 12 km ends at the pond of World Pond. Leave the bike at home, because the route is not designed for cyclists, and in some places cycling is forbidden due to possible damage to nature. If you need to relax, do not worry, as there are several resting places with benches, many of which offer views of the surrounding countryside. There are also two places on the trail where fire can be divided.

16 stops to find and what they contain:

1) Hotel Bohemia - Regent (at the beginning of the spa park)

2) Spa park - Spa in Třeboňsko today and before

3) Pond shores - surrounding plants

4) Field Lines - Information on the ecological stability of the landscape

5) Vimperky 1 - types of peat bogs

6 Vimperky 2 - peat bog and its development and importance

7) Spolský potok - inclusion in the topic of bio-corridors and biocenter

8) Pond Dolní Zlatník - how are ponds built, fish farming and giant oak tree summerni

9) Meadow of Třeboň - meadows and their types

10) Spolský mlýn - mill from the 19th century

11) Pine forest - various forests in the Třeboň region

12) Rewards - folk architecture and history of the settlement of Třeboň

13) Circular Pond - Nearby birds and information on fish farming

14) The park at the Schwarzenberg Tomb - a history weighing on this place

15) Pond World (Svět) - Information related to this pond and pond Opatovickému

16) Šusta's monument - significant fishponds of Třeboň